The WordXWord Youth Poetry Festival
May 5 & 6, 2018, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Workshops: FAQ

Do I have to be a “real” poet to participate?

What the heck is a real poet? If you are between 12 & 22, you're real enough for us.

What happens at the workshops?

A typical session includes writing, listening and sharing - in a safe, supportive environment. Sometimes there's food.

I’m shy. If I come to the workshops will I have to read my poems in front of everyone?

No one is ever forced to share, but we think eventually, you’ll want to.

Is there a charge for the workshops?

Workshops are free, but registration is required.

Where/when do the workshops take place?


Is it possible to participate in the workshops, but not the festival?

Yes, but we think you’ll be sad when you see how much fun the festival is.

I think poetry sucks, why should I do this?

Because you can help fix poetry.

WordXWord/Outspoken workshops offer a space where young people can speak and be heard, where a shared love of writing and performing creates bonds rather than boundaries to surmount cultural, socioeconomic and other differences. The goal is to create a culture where honesty and authentic stories voiced by young witnesses builds bridges. In addition to weekly workshops, spoken word performances and poetry slam are used to combined the enthusiasm of friendly competition with a well grounded, contemporary populist approach to poetry.

This “space” offers many positive life lessons and fosters many skills including:

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